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  • MotoIt T-Shirt

    9 February 2018
    Luca Lindemann Brand-X Design MotoIt T-Shirt

    Moto.it motorcycle portal line T-Shirts. Several subject designs intended for sale during trade fairs.
    Agency: Chiba | Milan | Italy

  • Al Padellone Brand Identity

    17 October 2017
    Al Padellone brand identity

    Restyling of the famous Milanese Steak House Al Padellone – Steak House & Pizza logo, production of shirts for the staff and a unique…

  • Duecilindri Blog

    6 June 2017
    Duecilindri Blog Sportster Town Meeting logo

    Merchandising made for DueCilindri Blog: Sportster Town T-Shirt; T-shirts, caps and stickers for the Italian national Harley-Davidson Sportster meeting.
    Agency: Chiba | Milan | Italy

  • Final Eight Basket Italian Cup

    23 October 2016

    Creation of merchandising in partnership with Big Play Sport for the Italian Basketball Cup finals at the Assago Forum in Milan.
    Agency: Big Play Sport…