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Quiet Departure | Chasing Spaces


The first song is concluded. The first of 5 (maybe 6) that will be contained in my first album “Chasing Spaces”. A song a bit ‘far from what then will be the funk style, or as I have renamed it “Cosmic Funk”, the complete project.
In this piece, although it does not contain a part of traditional bass proper, there are clear references to the work of Eberhard Weber (with the necessary and sideral distances :D), one of the bass players who influenced me most in my musical life.
This piece was essentially a single piece composed of several sections joined together and with the duration of an entire cd. A sort of “concept album” piece. Subsequent ideas have led me to break it, including only the first 2 parts with a single title “Quiet Departure”. What was to be the third part, during the recording phase, will be harmonically linked but will become a song in its own right.

A small anecdote: to be honest, a part of the bass fretless had been contemplated and played, but then replaced with the part of the English horn. The timbre of the bass was kneaded too much with the sound carpet and did not give the same result. Ironic as the first track of the album is without a bass. Weirdness from bassists! 🙂


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