Luca "Duke" Lindemann

Brand-X design was born on April 2010 from an idea by Luca Lindemann, with the aim to offer a multifaceted service in the creative field. Brand-X design is basically a person who embodies years of experience gained in various communication agencies, able to operate in multiple areas of creativity with professionalism and flexibility.

I was born in Milan on March 8, 1968.
After obtaining a scientific high school diploma, I work for two years as a representative and designer for an electronics company.
In 1991, driven by the desire to deepen and develop my creative skills in the field of design and advertising graphics, I enrolled in a three-year parauniversitario course in graphic design (digital), advertising, mock-up and set design at the Communication Academy of Milan, obtaining the diploma in 1994.
During the years of study I deepen the study of the English language, reaching an excellent level of knowledge both in speech and in writing.
Personal interests: photography, music and American football, sport practiced in the Rams Milan team.



Under the heading Design I could honestly list all the creative variations of this work. After all, what is it that is not design? By design I mean mainly the morphological design of an object or a container of the object itself. Let’s say we could almost talk about Industrial Design. Why not?


My true great love and my true specialization. Food packaging has been my longest and most satisfying professional experience in these 20 years of all-round creativity. Being able to work in 2 of the best Italian agencies in the Break System and Vag sector in Milan), I managed to refine my creative baggage working for prestigious international brands. Without a doubt, my spearhead.

Brand Identity

Under this heading I gather one of those specializations of creativity that made me think about starting a creative profession. Still, one of the works that I consider most interesting and exciting, is undoubtedly that of the design of the corporate image, unfortunately today little considered but absolutely fundamental to emerge in a very chaotic iconographic world.


One of my last bets. I’ve always seen the web with an eye and a very lukewarm consideration. For a creative “analog” like me who has always loved manual work, three-dimensional and the taste for the paper object, the virtual world I have always seen it as something little emotional if not supported even by physically tangible material. In recent years, however, also thanks to the market trend beyond the undoubted evolution of interactive technologies of the web, I have dedicated myself, with the same professionalism and care, even to this specialization, now appreciating its enormous qualities and potential.


My passion has always been. From the age of 12 I have been handling cameras: from absolutely manual and film devices, to the most modern digital ones. Professional photography is certainly not the specialization, even though I often realized projects also providing still-life photographic support.

Set Design

I could say: what I studied. I was born as a television set designer with a diploma obtained at the Academy of Communication. This profession allowed me to travel and to live an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles as an assistant set designer, living the atmosphere of American cinema. Today I certainly can not consider the scenography as one of my creative creative services, but over the years I have also been able to design or design exhibition spaces that could be considered real scenographies.


If photography is a passion of mine since childhood, music is my passion of all time. Bassist and multi-instrumentalist in general, non-professional, I happened recently to contribute with some original audio tracks to the completion of some web projects.