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  • TPE Brand Identity


    “We have very old advertising and brand image material that is now completely far from the image we…

  • TBS Flexiline Floor Display

    TBS Flexiline Floor Display

    Modular display designed for the TBS company to display products of different formats and types of packaging in the technological sector.
    Agency: Chiba | Milan…

  • Ramazzotti Display Area

    Ramazzotti Display Area

    Display area for various products inside the GDO on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.
    Agency: Vag | Milan | Italy

  • Bayer Apertamente Project

    Bayer Apertamente

    Total restyling of the Apertamente Bayer logo. Apertamente is an internal section of Bayer that organizes themed conventions and through its intranet it disseminates…

  • Ballantines Malts Floor Display

    Ballantines Malts Floor Display

    Display designed to emphasize the quality of the Ballantines whiskey range. From the youngest to the most mature and precious.
    Agency: VAG | Milan |…