Miro’s Calendar

Agency: Chiba | Milan | Italy

“We are an original spare parts company operating in the Milan area automotive sector.
We would therefore need a calendar that tells this link with the city. ”

For more than ten years, leader in the sector of original automotive spare parts in the Milan area, Miro has always celebrated its link with the Lombard city through information materials to support the commercial bureau.
In 2021 Miro’s request was therefore to pay homage to this identity again.
In 2020 the calendar was set on Milanese dialect  quotes that had a connection with the different excellences of the company and the result was undoubtedly a very nice and characterizing product.

Miro's Calendar

2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year for Milan and for the whole of Lombardy that put a strain on the social and professional fabric of its inhabitants.
My first thought was therefore to pay homage to this great city with a calendar that would tell its story and the story of Miro in an emotional way, linking some particular corners of the city with the concepts and peculiarities that have made this metropolis the locomotive of Italy, in terms of production and customs.
The idea of merging his exponential growth with the Miros’s one, gave birth to a calendar that was also a hope and a push to get up, to look to the future with new ideas and energy.

25 Marzo 2021


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