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Schako Brochure

Agency: Brand-X | Milan | Italy

“We’d need an elegant, detailed tool that is also rich in technical information.”

The customer’s request was very clear and complex at the same time: developing a work tool for the sales team that could satisfy very different needs.

Brochure Schako

Initially conceived as a collector of sheets that would show the different products both technically and aesthetically, it was later passed to a leaner, simpler and cheaper object, which was nevertheless able to tell the different qualities of Schako elements.

The final result is a 12-page closed A4 brochure with an omega metal dot and an additional flap on the back cover, which can also contain the technical tables of the individual products shown. The instrument is therefore not only suitable for achieving the desks of architectural firms, more likely to appreciate their aesthetic content, but also to be archived by those who use them more technically.

Brochure Schako
Brochure Schako
Brochure Schako


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