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  • Duecilindri Blog

    Duecilindri Blog Sportster Town Meeting logo

    Merchandising made for DueCilindri Blog: Sportster Town T-Shirt; T-shirts, caps and stickers for the Italian national Harley-Davidson Sportster meeting.
    Agency: Chiba | Milan | Italy

  • Harley-Davidson Gate32 Milan

    Realization of different types of materials for the new Harley-Davidson® dealership in Milan Gate32 opening: from the logo design and press campaign (in collaboration…

  • Cristina Ortiz Website

    Cristina Ortiz Website

    Website created for the Spanish designer Cristina Ortiz.
    Technique: html, gallery javascript
    Agency: J-Think | Milan | Italy

  • Ciapssisters

    Ciapssisters logo

    Coordinated image project for the Ciapssisters company, fashion brand in the motorcycle sector.
    Agency: Brand-X Design | Milan | Italy

  • Diesel Brochure

    Diesel brochure

    Brochure designed for Diesel on the occasion of the launch of a new line ironically inspired by good nutrition to keep fit.
    Agency: VAG |…