TPE Brand Identity

Agency: Brand-X | Milan | Italy

“We have very old advertising and brand image material that is now completely far from the image we would like to give to the company. We tried to renew it but the agency we contacted was unable to make what we had in mind”.

Tecno Plastic Engineering Srl was born in the 90s in the industrial heart of Brianza and is placed on the market as a company specialized in the production and processing of plastic materials for industry in various sectors, from construction and agriculture to food and civil, transport, nautical, automotive and railway.

An extremely technological and constantly evolving sector due to the characteristics of the materials treated. The project and the idea of ​​renewing a very young but solid company, projected towards the future, was not a simple task due to the extreme peculiarity of the sector and the product offered: mechanical processing for third parties.

Given the peculiarity and the chromatic variations of the semi-finished products, my idea was to rejuvenate a typically industrial 90s image, focusing on the aesthetic variety of the materials used through more modern graphics and revised photographic shots of all the samples provided.

The result was a set of tools, such as the institutional brochure and the technical catalog, extremely colorful and dynamic but at the same time clear and easy to consult by an audience of professionals working in the sector.

Due to the characteristic of treating a large number of very different plastic materials such as intrinsic mechanical characteristics, visual characteristics and characteristics of final use, I faced the need to create more informative catalogue that could be collected in a single and definitive tool.

Hence the idea of creating a box that could contain both the profile and technic catalogue, but also a series of triangular “fiches” of various materials (an element that is part of the TPE logo) which, through a series of pre-cut cards based on the different material applications, they could be useful to guide the customer in choosing the right material for their own necessity.

A small intervention was also made at the offices, furnishing common areas such as the waiting and meeting room with large sheets depicting moments of mechanical processing of materials.

30 Dicembre 2021


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